HMD's latest service benefits large companies

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For large companies, HMD's latest service can be found on mmonline.hu website.

HMD Global has launched its first enterprise mobile management solution, which IoT…

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HMD's latest service benefits large compa

As mmonline.hu today, HMD Global has launched its first enterprise mobile management solution that will be valued by IoT and customers with enterprise fleets. With the combination of Nokia smartphones, HMD Connect Pro roaming service and HMD Enable Pro, flexible user management, device activation and management can be solved from a single source.
HMD Enable Pro is primarily designed for large companies that provide smartphones to employees and require the convenience of remote mobile management. Many devices are configured and maintained, contactless application management and security rules are set up, and app usage rights and restrictions are available from a single web console.
Building on the latest Android Enterprise capabilities, HMD Enable Pro is a future-proof service: during development, the goal was to simplify remote mobile management and quickly learn. The service is designed to connect to companies that have not previously used mobile management tools. The console can be used from almost any browser, so Chrome, Firefox, and Safari also guarantee verified, correct operation. A variety of guides and tips will help the user to easily and clearly adjust the safety rules on their devices. Starting and configuring new devices for the first time is also hassle-free with QR code and a contactless process. To check the status of your company fleet, see the Tools menu on the console, which contains all the important information about each device.
With the introduction of HMD Enable Pro, solutions for companies have been complete: Nokia smartphones, various accessories, Nokia smartphone lifecycle service, HMD connectivity solutions and enterprise mobile management combine to enable centralized device management, connectivity and hardware solutions to be acquired from one place, simplifying processes and guaranteeing effective support. For extra security, customers can also use Android SafetyNet, which provides quick access to devices that may be vulnerable to attacks.
The nokia phone OEM Configuration app can be installed to provide additional advanced management tools, such as display and location settings. When used in with the Enterprise API (available from Nokia 2.4), the new OEM Configuration app also supports large companies to decide on software and app updates themselves, giving them more time to test if the company needs to, while updating the enterprise fleet is more transparent than ever.

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