5G research by Magyar Telekom

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In 5G research, Magyar Telekom can be found on the mmonline.hu website.

A cooperation agreement has been concluded between Magyar Telekom, T-Systems Hungary and…

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5G research by Magyar Tele

As mmonline.hu reported today: A cooperation agreement has been concluded between Magyar Telekom, T-Systems Hungary and István Széchenyi University in Győr to promote the development of 5G networks and 5G-based services and to ensure the supply of technical staff. Under the agreement, the Parties will in future develop joint R&D and innovation projects in priority areas such as 5G measurement technology, drone technology, the possibility of event-related multimedia applications, and cybersecurity. The long-term cooperation could be renewed, the training of electrical engineers at the University could become more practical, and a 5G station was built on campus.
Cooperation between the University and companies cover a wide number of areas, from the development of educational material to the appearance at professional events to joint R&D programmes. In addition, the specialists of the companies regularly give professional lectures at the university, recommend topics and consultants for thesis and thesis of the students, as well as, where possible, provide a practical position or job opportunity. At the request of the University, a 5G station was also built on the site to support university research and development related to 5G, but the station will also be part of Telekom's public 5G network.
"At the University ginop-3.1.1- 'Encouraging and supporting cooperation between educational institutions and ICT enterprises' – Programme your future! With the support of a flagship EU project, we have set up the Digital Development Centre to create the opportunity for closer cooperation between universities and industry to research and develop 5G-based applications on the one hand, and to better adapt our training to the current needs of the ICT industry. We can work with all these ICT market players in a long-term and effective way and jointly support the country's digital transformation. István Széchenyi University is a higher education institution with high training and academic competence and results in mobile telecommunications systems, but the current agreement will help the University to provide competitive knowledge and diplomas sought after both domestically and internationally in the long term," said Dr. Péter Földesi, rector of Széchenyi University.
Tibor Rékasi, CEO of Magyar Telekom, said on the occasion of the signing of the agreement: "The next decade in mobile telecommunications is about 5G, but this technology can only be successful if the applications built on it are truly relevant and attractive to customers and help our daily lives. This requires professionals with advanced knowledge and the need to share knowledge between the education and research sector and the companies serving customers. The cooperation agreement that has just been signed is an important step in this direction. In order to support these objectives, Magyar Telekom installed a 5G base station on the campus at the end of April."
"The agricultural sector, industry and the services sector are also making huge progress thanks to digital solutions and services. Research, development and practical application of the commercial use of 5G not only serves the interests of the parties involved, but also strengthens the competitiveness of the entire region. Through the cooperation of Telekom, T-Systems and Széchenyi University, it is possible to create end-to-end solutions that not only harness the capabilities of the latest mobile technologies, but will also have a positive impact on the development of other technologies. Cooperation with the university also contributes to the exit of young professionals who are familiar with the latest solutions in this field and are even actively involved in shaping them," said Gábor Gonda, CEO of T-Systems Hungary.
In addition to the long-standing professional relationship between Magyar Telekom and the educational institution, the company also operates a scholarship program at the university from the 2018/19 academic year, aimed at encouraging students who excel in telecommunications and technical information technology, in order to attract more people to the field of information communication.

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